Introduction and Motivation

One of the most important challenges facing the information society today is the creation of intelligent user interfaces which accept and support the natural communication style of computer lay-people so that a form of interaction between human and computer comes about which is natural and user friendly for the individual. The growing need for IT applications in all areas of life is creating a need for effective, efficient and natural interfaces in order to ease access to information and its application. This need will continue to rise with the dramatically increasing complexity of IT systems and the decreasing amount of time available to users for the completion of tasks and the learning of new technology.

In the development project SmartKom, designs are being tested for the development of totally new forms of human-technology interaction. These designs will help to reduce the hesitations computer lay-people presently feel upon using information technology and thus make a contribution to the user friendliness and user centeredness of technology in today's information society. SmartKom's goals are the research and the development of a self-explanatory, user adaptive interface for the dialogic interaction of humans and technology.

This project's intent is to merge the advantages of dialogic communication with the advantages of a mixture of graphic control surfaces and gestures. The result is intended to be a high value user interface which accommodates the natural human senses to a greater degree than ever before. SmartKom will thus take an important step in the development of information technology designed to meet human needs and abilities.

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